Our Nicotine

Founded in 2010, Vermillion River LLC established itself as the premiere supplier for the industry’s most prominent vaping brands. We’ve proudly helped hundreds of juice lines create exceptional vaping products that are distributed worldwide. We maintain a clear understanding of the growing needs of the vaping industry. All of the Nicotine Products offered by Vermillion River Supply not only meet, they exceed USP Standards and are derived from tobacco.

Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice was introduced to the Vaping industry and is manufactured exclusively for Vermillion River Supply. Liquid Ice is nearly colorless and odorless, hence the name. This liquid nicotine has helped our industry set new standards for quality and purity. Liquid Ice is known worldwide for being one of the most consistent nicotine's available. From one batch to the next you always know what you are going to get. Manufactured to exceed USP standards in a completely state of the cGMP manufacturing facility.

CNT Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco

For over 30 years now CNT has been the world’s largest supplier of highly purified tobacco derived Nicotine to the pharmaceutical industry. In recent years CNT has also emerged as a significant supplier of pharmaceutical grade Nicotine to the expanding e-Cigarette industry. The processing is done in Switzerland by CNT’s exclusive contract manufacturer Siegfried AG under full pharmaceutical cGMP. CNT’s Nicotine is filed and referenced for pharmaceutical use in almost every country of the world. This is achieved through the numerous governmental inspections of Siegfried’s facilities by the health authorities of these countries including the US FDA.  Through its integrated supply chain CNT controls every step of production to ensure that the products integrity is not compromised. In addition to the highest possible quality standards, CNT’s focus is on regulatory compliance and security of supply with attractive pricing.  Our manufacturing process and analytical methods are fully validated resulting in a uniform quality of crystal clear Nicotine for every batch produced.


NicSure is our newest offering and is manufactured exclusively for Vermillion River Supply. NicSure is naturally derived from tobacco plants and manufactured at its WHO* cGMP-licensed and inspected pharmaceutical production plant.